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Art Is Not Dead

INTERVIEW WITH HEARTSREVOLUTION Hey Cannibal Cheerleader faithful, sorry about not updating yesterday, I was busy putting the finishing touches on Issue #2 of the CC zine, the cover of which you can see below! However, on to today's business, which is a double update to make up for yesterday beginning with an exclusive interview with Lo, Ben, and Kate of Cannibal Cheerleader favorite Heartsrevolution . Here's a sample: CC: Tell us about the Heartsrevolution universe. How did it come to be? What's the Heartschallenger? Lo: heartschallenger is about taking on the things that challenge you.<br/><br/> i hated my, i decided to build an ice cream truck because i had dreamt of doing that since i was 15 but everyone .... 8:19 a.m. Wednesday 10th September 2008 EST
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