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Arthur Russell - Reach One (For ...

Arthur Russell - Reach One (For Two Fender Rhodes)

Arthur Russell had an odd musical career. His first releases were influenced by his contemporaries in the New York loft scene. He crossed over from minimalism into no wave.

And then something very odd happen: Arthur Russell caught disco fever. It's his dance records of the '80s for which he is best known. Here's something very different.

Originally released on Instrumentals Vol. 2 (1978), and now available as part of the compilation First Thought, Best Thought , here is Reach One (For Two Fender Rhodes) . It's a long an uneasy piece, with single notes echoing into the silence, the electric pianos never quite reaching any sort of consensus.

Despite the honeyed richness of the actual sounds, it is spare .... 10:52 a.m. Saturday 3rd January 2009 EST
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