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ARTIST: Winter Gloves

A quick search through Wikipedia and you'll discover that gloves have a rich and varied history. (Who knew gloves even had a history? Gotta use that history degree somehow I guess, might as well study gloves.) Baseball, boxing, work, driving, and falconry. What do these all have in common.<br/><br/> Gloves...and gloves make the world great. Why the glove talk? Just a way to lead into my favorite gloves as of late - Winter Gloves . Not the seasonal variety of hand-coverings, but rather the addictive Montreal-based band.<br/><br/> Just a great combination of synthy-pop beats, driving bass, and catchy lyrics that one minute have you dancing ("Let Me Drive") and the next minute have you relaxing to beautiful harmonies in what .... 4:38 p.m. Thursday 30th April 2009 EST
whale in a cubicle 169 posts in collection
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