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Asher Roth, Cat Power, Jeffrey Lewis: ...

Asher Roth, Cat Power, Jeffrey Lewis: Paste Lists Songs By Musicians About Other Musicians, Confuses Readers by Including Asher Roth

Paste has compiled a quick list of songs written by musicians about other musicians. Great, right? Well, sort of. As the magazine points out, these homage songs can say quite a bit about both the person singing and the subject they're singing about.

But the list Paste provides falls a bit short. They smartly include the excellent "Will Oldham Williamsburg Horror" by Jeffrey Lewis, and Cat Power's wonderfully confessional Dylan tribute, "Song to Bobby." But Asher Roth's "As I Em?" Really? Isn't it a little early to be dropping this guy into lists, and a little silly to give him credit simply for making the all-too-obvious decision to rap about Eminem? I would submit that, in both cases, the answer .... 6:32 a.m. Thursday 30th April 2009 EST
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