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at the juggular

I remember being excited when i brought home a new copy of Midnight Juggernauts' first LP Dystopia when it first came out in 2007, but i don't remember why. Now their new single 'This New Technology' is exciting but, fuck me silly, i don't know why. It still has that epic Juggers sound, with those ominous synths and portentous harmonies.

But it's moved somewhere farther afield, with a sound influenced by the likes of Pink Floyd and The Doors . Yes, yes - it harks back to 70s pop, as their drummer Daniel Stricker recently told Pedestrian . Like the first time around, this Midnight Juggernauts release is exciting because their music infects its listeners with a thing called "party".

From 'blouse'
6:06 p.m. Monday 21st September 2009 EST
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