Audiovisión, Gepe

Audiovisión, Gepe Quemasubeza, Chile Rating: 94 By Carlos Reyes Daniel Rivero better known as Gepe is today’s leading man in that very special and continuously surprising Chilean indie scene. So many times regarded as a pupil of Chilean icons Victor Jara and Jorge Gonzalez, he proves to be as essential for our generation in his latest album Audiovision , the work of genius. Starting his career with Gepinto , already a cult classic, means to have a massive weight under his shoulders, but Gepe’s miraculous abilities are subdued to his sensibilities, not only are his songs sincere, they speak about the man and the people and the land around him.

If he had already shown flexibility in his two previous ....
6:30 a.m. Monday 14th June 2010 EST
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