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Auld Lang Syne and the beautiful ...

I wasn't entirely sure what Auld Lang Syne's album would be like when I finally got my hands on it. All I knew of how it sounded came from the occasional email from one of the band, somewhere in Rochester, NY, or on the road. Slowly they've been gathering attention, starting small, with features in local newspapers and on local blogs.<br/><br/> I've been looking forward to this record for well over a year, but even among people who scour music blogs for something new, this band is unknown. This is the case for many bands mentioned here, but with Auld Lang Syne it maddens me. It's simply not right that people who write music this beautiful still work badly-paid jobs.<br/><br/> .... 10:11 a.m. Friday 5th June 2009 EST
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