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Avett Brothers to Release New Album ...

Avett Brothers to Release New Album + Tour Dates

Here is a, at times, blurred YouTube video of the Avett's title track, "I and Love and You." Pretty good sound though. You get the picture. Brother face-off round one: Avett Brothers vs.

Felice Brothers. North Carolina vs. New York City I and Love and You (American/Columbia) vs.

Yonder is the Clock (Team Love) ______ We envision a Lawson vs. Hill boys-style rumble (see: Drive By Truckers' "Decoration Day") if these two were to ever meet. The Avett Brothers are scheduled on a 48 show tour promoting their newest release, I and Love and You which drops August 11 on American/Columbia; this will be the band's 10th studio release.

At the production helm, who else, but Rick Rubin. See tour .... 12:26 a.m. Tuesday 21st April 2009 EST
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