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baby walrus

baby walrus

mp3: baby walrus - ghostish mp3: baby walrus - some dawns no bird will sing mp3: baby walrus - red horses there's a lot going on on baby walrus ' self-titled debut, released last february. at various points baby walrus' 18 tracks remind me of old time relijun's lost light , the unicorns' unicorns are people too , el guapo's super/system, and frank black listening to captain beefheart while drinking... as well as several local dc bands, in spirit at least.

it's a diverse album, whose songs are tied together mainly by the sense of originality and exploration running through each of them. it seems it's fun to be a baby walrus, and though the multiformity of the young band .... 8:51 a.m. Saturday 3rd January 2009 EST
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