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Bachelorette - The National Grid For ...

Bachelorette - The National Grid For her second full length album as Bachelorette, New Zealander Annabel Alpers is back with more electro-psych (psychedelectro?) that will lift your mind into orbit around your head. While the songs contain brain-warping instrumental complexities, the most brilliant element seems to be the enchanting draw of her voice. In “The National Grid” you hear Alpers’ vocals expand over a dark, tribal beat until she sounds like a choir.<br/><br/> The new album, My Electric Family , seems to focus on technology’s influence on humans - although obviously technology played a major role in Alpers’ creative efforts. If you’re digging this music as much as I am, I would suggest picking up her latest album and checking .... 5:43 a.m. Sunday 7th June 2009 EST
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