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Back from the dead

I'm putting up a few reviews that didn't make the cut up in the majors. Enjoy. --------------------------- Harry Pussy - You'll Never Play This Town Again Type: Album Release date: 5th November Label: Load Records Ah, Steely Dan, can they do no wrong? So smooth, so toe-tappingly righteous.<br/><br/> So I take Pretzel Logic out of the cd player and stick on Harry Pussy's 'You'll Never Play This Town Again'. Casually glancing at the tracklisting it's impossible to ignore the number of tracks they've squeezed onto the disc (42), or that most tracks repeat 3 times. The potential buyer still might not learn the words on the first listen.<br/><br/> Most songs clock in at under a minute (with the notable exception .... 10:20 a.m. Monday 17th November 2008 EST
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