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Baldwin and Johannson star in Italian/ ...

I thought I was high-brow there for a minute but it turns out I was incapable of leaving Xtravision without this movie in my low-brow mitt. Just look at the cover. How could I not? A lesser known Baldwin ( Steven ) plays David, an oceanographer/archaeologist/seasoned diver who travels to Venice with his girlfriend Laura ( Vanessa Johannson - Scarlett's ugly older sister - hate that ) after his father dies in a mysterious "boating accident" while he was diving in the canals.<br/><br/> But of course David knows a shark attack when he sees it. The nice ( or are they? hmmm) Venetian police allow David and Not Scarlett to engage in their own investigation, sure why wouldn't they? Lo .... 7:54 p.m. Tuesday 23rd December 2008 EST
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