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Bands on Stage in Iceland - ...

On 21. June 1980 The Clash gave a concert @ Laugardalshöllin Sports Hall, Reykjavik, Iceland. Here is backstage report I found online: The concert was on June 21st 1980 in the Laugardalshöllin sports hall like most major concerts in Iceland.<br/><br/> It was part of the Icelandic Arts Festival which is still held biannually. The hall was full, about 5000 people. The warmup band was Utangardsmenn ("The Outsiders") who were very big at the time.<br/><br/> The band I play in now (not then), Fræbbblarnir , was supposed to play too, but at the last moment, the organisers decided they weren't "politically relevant" enough. Fuckers. I went backstage to meet them.<br/><br/> There was a queue a mile long for autographs. The first .... 9:51 a.m. Sunday 11th January 2009 EST
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