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Bands to Watch Out For in ...

In the second of our three articles on The Future of Music Here and Abroad, we asked a bunch of bands who they think people should look out for in the world of aught nine. Here are the results. Pauline Lay – Divisadero (& booker at Pehrspace ) I've been thinking about the first quarter of 2009 for the last two months...<br/><br/> Guaranteed, there are lots of future shows booked with wonderful bands I really enjoy--both as musicians and genuine people. Hmm, maybe there'll be some shows in new spaces? No promises. I heard from the source that the Red Maids recorded some songs a few months ago up in San Francisco.<br/><br/> Everyone should listen to their album when they .... 8:41 a.m. Friday 23rd January 2009 EST
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