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Bang Gang 12 inches Compilation

Bang Gang 12 Inches , the label of Win, has a compilation coming out soon. We may of mentioned this a few times before but we are giving it one last push in the hope that Bang Gang send us a free copy, loads of merchandise and fly us out to Australia..... 素敵なレーベル Bang Gang 12 Inches のコンピレーションがやってきます。前にもこの事には触れたと思いますが最後にもう一押し!そして彼らがイギリスまでCDを送ってくれれば最高なんですけど・・・ Ahem.

... >_> not going to happen :-(. This track from Shazam is on the compilation, it's has a very hypnotic groove going on.

Not the super-electro-disco that we've all come to expect from him. It's a real grower and on every listen something pulls you back in to listen again. He is apparently working on his debut album at the moment.

3 a.m. Friday 2nd October 2009 EST
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