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None None "A Case Of You" Im trying to read a new book about Joni Mitchell. Littered with interesting facts, Michelle Mercers "Will You Take Me As I Am" ultimately reads like a senior thesis, all analysis and no soul. And thats the essence of Jonis music, soul.

It has a way of penetrating you, making you feel known and alive at the same time, sometimes euphoric, sometimes depressed, but totally human. Today I heard k.d. langs version of "A Case Of You" on Radioio Acoustic Cafe.

Penetrating, it lacked the upbeat lilt of the original. Although depressing, about a breakup, "A Case Of You" still radiates hope. That love lost is not a terminal condition, but a life-enhancing experience.

.... 4:48 a.m. Wednesday 13th May 2009 EST
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