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BarFrikki and other Icelandic Music Compilations ...

BarFrikki and other Icelandic Music Compilations & Samplers

This week I've got an Album in my mailbox that I did win on Ebay. BarFrikki The Sessions - A taste of Icelandic Music (enhanced CD). An Album for free with Scottish The List Magazine (# 487) in 2004.

Sponsored by Tennent's Lager & Icelandair. 6 Tracks are: 1. Emilliana Torrini - To Be Free 2.

Sigur Ros - Untitled #4 3. Ske - Stuff 4. Singapore Sling - Nuthin' Ain't Bad 5.

Leaves - Breathe 6. Minus - Who's Hobo Of course their are plenty other Icelandic Music compilation albums. For instance the Airwaves Festival CDs and Folk Music compilations.

Even a lot of Soundtracks are a sort of compilation. Dr. Gunni released 3 Compilations with the name " ....

4:29 a.m. Sunday 1st March 2009 EST
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