Barton McLean, "Spirals"

-- Liner Notes -- BARTON McLEAN Spirals (1973) Phrase-wisps melting into pedals and drones... jazzy licks spiralling upward and beyond Composers, particularly in the electronic medium, must not only create their realization, but must also fashion, for each new work, an all-inclusive and self-contained universe of sound which draws all components into its orbit, compelling them to obey its unique laws. melodies which appear as smoke wisps turning, in, on, and around harmonies responding, unpolluted by equal temperament Labelling a work "electronic" should not automatically relegate it to the stereotype of the machine esthetic.

To the contrary, it must be possible and desirable to counterbalance this tendency with a concept which accentuates all of the human qualities associated with music .... 2:54 a.m. Wednesday 15th April 2009 EST
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