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Basement Jaxx, Black Eyed Peas: Black ...

A mini-controversy is erupting centered around the promotion for the new Black Eyed Peas abum, The E.N.D. : It seems that the posters for the album are lifting the font from Basement Jaxx's logo. While font theft is a trickier thing to prove, and less of an issue than song or cover theft, the way that the posters are arranged is reminiscent of past Basement Jaxx promotions.<br/><br/> Here are the pictures for you to compare: [via Daily Swarm ] In other Black Eyed Peas news, the band just filmed a video for " Boom Boom Pow ," which is the number one song in the country, and MTV was there to interview the band about the clip, and not necessarily .... 3 a.m. Friday 17th April 2009 EST
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