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Bathtime: The Missouri Music Compilation

I t's finally here! Without further ado, The Bathysphere is proud to present Bathtime , our hand-picked compilation of the best new music from the state of Missouri. Spanning the local scenes from Kansas City to St. Louis to Columbia, Bathtime collects thirteen cuts from the most exciting young bands the 24th state has to offer.<br/><br/> It's like a nonprofit charity home for Missouri's neglected, musically talented children! TRACKLIST 01. Cpt. Captain - "Nascar Diarrhea Presents Cpt.<br/><br/> Captain" 02. Nonreturner - "Awash" 03. Burger Kingdom - "Ivory Pillows" 04.<br/><br/> Haii Usagi - "NEFA" 05. Spidermums - "Over and Over, the Same Things" 06. I Love You - "Cliff Dr.<br/><br/> Nights" 07. The Make Outs - "MUK 60" 08. In Dark ....<br/><br/> 3 p.m. Tuesday 24th March 2009 EST
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