Baxter - Proof EP

Willy Baxter first caught my attention back in 2006 when I stumbled across him via Kelley Polar's myspace page. I really liked his music and I blogged a couple of his tracks over on 24:Hours , which lead to the Irish label seedyBurnR putting out his debut release, the excellent Aiming High back in 2007. He finally has another release out, the Proof EP under the alias "Baxter" on OMG! Records.

It features 3 quality vocal tracks in a synth-pop/nu-disco style and a dreamy downtempo bonus. There is also a remix EP featuring alternate versions from Lifelike , Spirit Catcher and Idiotproof . Both releases are currently Beatport exclusives but they will be available at other net stores soon.

Keep ....

from 'Groovin' You'

12:36 a.m. Tuesday 25th August 2009 EST
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