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BE[a]STS to Watch in 2010

It's not just albums, but people, places and things That make us excited for what the fresh new year brings As this rad year of "oh-nine" comes to an end I give you my list of... On we push forward, with a list of the artists, new albums and general bits of radness that make 2010 hot on the Beaston tip. Shall we? The Improbable Possibles mp3: The Knife - Neverland On more than one occasion, a band member from major acts has noted that, yes, they are recording, and no, a new album is not out of the question at some point in the coming year.

ex: Radiohead, The White Stripes, and the one that makes us gush all ....
10:34 p.m. Thursday 24th December 2009 EST
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