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Beck Covers Sonic Youth's EVOL on ...

Earlier this year, Beck and Sonic Youth released a split 7" for Record Store Day. SY covered Beck's " Beercan " "Pay No Mind" and Beck had his way with Sonic Youth's "Green Light" . It turns out this isn't going to be the last Sonic Youth cover we'll hear from Beck.

In a recent Pitchfork interview, Beck revealed that the "Green Light" cover will appear on a forthcoming and mysterious Sonic Youth box set, which will include Beck covering SY's entire classic 1986 album EVOL . On cassette. Yes, cassette.

Beck's been making a habit of covering entire albums lately. As part of his Record Club project , he's currently in the process of releasing his version of The ....
From 'Pitchfork'
10:16 p.m. Monday 22nd June 2009 EST
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