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Beck Launches DJ Series

Right now, Beck is in the midst of overhauling his website , and he's using it to post all manner of cool stuff. We told you about Record Club, Beck's ongoing project to get together with friends and cover entire albums over the course of one day. He's already two songs deep into the first Record Club full-length, the first Velvet Underground album.

And now he's announced another ongoing project: the cheekily titled Planned Obsolescence, a weekly DJ set from Beck himself or from as-yet-unnamed friends. Here's how Beck himself describes the project: "We are putting up a new section, a weekly DJ set, called Planned Obsolescence. These are mixes of what we're listening to, put together by myself or ....

From 'Pitchfork'
2:17 a.m. Sunday 28th June 2009 EST
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