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TOMORROW: CANNIBAL CHEERLEADER BLOOD BATH Wednesday March 18th. The Peacock, 515 Pedernales. Austin.<br/><br/> 12-6pm. Free, 18+. Rolo Tomassi, Whispertown 2000, The Action Design, Prey For Sleep, Agent Ribbons, Treasure Mammal, Vermillion Lies.<br/><br/> The Behemoth approaches. Be there tomorrow or be torn apart mercilessly. Rolo Tomassi - "Film Noir" ******************************************************************** INTERVIEW WITH KYLESA'S LAURA PLEASANTS Speaking of rock behemoths, Kylesa swings through Austin this week for SXSW hot on the heels of their new record, the unbelievable Static Tensions, and we scored an interview with co-guitarist and co-vocalist Laura Pleasants for an exclusive Cannibal Cheerleader interview.<br/><br/> Check it: CC : What is Kylesa all about? Describe your sound to the uninitiated. What are some of the themes of your music? LP .... 9:30 a.m. Wednesday 18th March 2009 EST
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