Beirut - MHOW 02.04.09

Thanks to an intimate night of a scaled-down Beirut, I’ve had “Postcards from Italy” stuck in my head all day. While I’ve had Beirut on rotation since Gulag Orkestar , I didn’t fall hard for this band until Zach cancelled their European tour and called for a hiatus last April . It’s true, I took Beirut’s existence for granted until they were temporarily absent from the scene.

And, ever since I missed them at their MHOW show last May, I’ve been kicking myself for making poor life decisions. Over the last few months of Beirut’s hiatus, I’ve found myself going back and listening to a significant amount of their music. You would think this would be a fairly normal action ....

4:25 p.m. Thursday 5th February 2009 EST
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