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BEMF Announces Juan MacLean and RJD2 ...

The second annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival is back with a VENGEANCE this summer! Last year we had a blast getting down to Purple Crush, Lismore, Treasure Fingers, The Glass, etc. This year will be no different! The 2 headliners for the fest, which will be held at The Amercian Can Factory on August 8, have just been announced, and with heavy hitters Juan MacLean and RJD2 powering the lineup, we're all sorts of psyched to see who else is on tap for a day of great music. We're kind of bummed that the fest is indoors this year, but maybe that will help us keep our August sweats in check! STRIKE THAT! The American Can Factory is both indoors ....<br/><br/> 4:37 a.m. Wednesday 24th June 2009 EST
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