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Ben Folds Five Reunion!!!!!!!

Ben Folds Five Reunion!!!!!!!

Ben Fold Five were one of the best bands that I have ever seen live. I missed the Dismemberment Plan reunion that happened a while back, because I was hoping that they would play a show in NYC, like Denali are, and I find myself regretting that decision quite often. I feel that if I don't go, I will regret missing this even more.

Here's the info from the press release that just went out: MYSPACE LAUNCHES NEW MUSIC PROGRAM "FRONT TO BACK" TODAY'S MOST POPULAR AND RELEVANT ARTISTS PERFOM ICONIC ALBUMS LIVE FOR THE MYSPACE COMMUNITY Program Reunites Beloved Alt-Rock Heroes Ben Folds Five for Special One-Time Concert Presented By LOS ANGELES- September 3, 2008- MySpace, the world's .... 8:10 a.m. Thursday 4th September 2008 EST
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