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Ben Folds' Uni A Cappella nearly ...

Ben just updated his myspace blog with a fun read about his recent project University A Cappella , which he's aiming for an April release. Read about it here . If you hadn't heard about it, it's a album of a cappella covers of Ben's songs by university groups with the album proceeds benefitting VH1's Save the Music Foundation .<br/><br/> A interesting bit of news is that Ben himself was politely coaxed into contributing two of his own a cappella re-arrangements for the album, Boxing and Effington : "My label were very kind to be involved in this but they did insist that I contribute two tracks in order that they could justify the release. I thought, no problem. Big ....<br/><br/> 7:35 p.m. Wednesday 18th February 2009 EST
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