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BERLIN BATTERY COMPILATION (a special Malente Bonus Edit)

This Comp gets a lot of love thruout the net and it deserves every inch of it. It has been re-hosted on a lot of good sites already. From the fast life to lemur to nerdy frames and and and.

This all free present came five days early for Christmas, so you might be spoilt getting the greatest gift early this year. Well we Berlin Batteries just made it a bit early to get our friend blogs something to give away in time ;) You haven't got it yet? Shame on you. Here it is again.

BERLIN BATTERY COMPILATION (zShare) ( zip file, 89mb) But today on Christmas day (after a lot of cake) I have a very special addition .... 12:16 a.m. Thursday 25th December 2008 EST
berlin.battery 83 posts in collection
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