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Bérurier Noir- Concerto Pour Detraqués LP/CD

Here's something a little different for you folks today... Up on the slab is a classic record by French punk band Bérurier Noir, a dirty, politically charged cult band who formed in 1983. Though the band went through several lineup shifts throughout the 1980s, adding and detracting members, the rhythm section remained a cheap, driving drum machine, giving them a more thin and aggressive edge.<br/><br/> The band, who refused to make any sort of profit during their tenure, split in 1989, reforming in 2003 to release a DVD. Since then, the reactivated Bérurier Noir has played several shows in Europe, and released a brand new record in 2006. This particular release is the band's second album, hailing from 1985.<br/><br/> This .... 5:05 a.m. Thursday 17th September 2009 EST
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