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Best Live Shows of 2008

They spoke only briefly. They didn't sing. But they played.

Oh, they played. Like nothing else I have seen. Ever.

In a year of stupendous live shows, 4 men stood tall. Head and shoulders tall. Four men from Texas came to Sydney for the first time and blew me away.

Completely. 2008 proved in no uncertain terms that live music is worth it. Worth putting up with rude people, talkative people, drunk people, waiting, tiredness.

For when the stars are aligned, seeing great music performed in front of you is a unique and unforgettable experience. 2008 was that sort of year. Especially in those heady nights in January and February when nights blurred into one another.

Sometimes we would see ....
7:45 p.m. Monday 15th December 2008 EST
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