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Best of '09: Top 10 Live ...

10. Phoenix + Passion Pit @ Central Park Summerstage (Sept. 26th) ; Prior to this year and these ears hearing the inescapable "1901" we hadn't really ever paid attention to Phoenix and we're pretty sure most Americans would echo that sentiment.

But this year the band was everywhere! On TV, on the radio, and most wonderfully in cities around the U.S., quite often with the blowing up Boston band Passion Pit. For two nights in September the two bands dominated the stage in Central Park, ushering in the early autumn days with a perfect set mixing their upbeat, catchy hit with the more melancholy, quieter songs they built their reputation on. Passion Pit put on a great show too, but ....

3 a.m. Thursday 10th December 2009 EST
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