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Best of 2008

Here at Pie, we love lists. Maybe a little too much (I’m pulling for a lift on the Constitutional ban on man/list marriages…). We’ll look for any excuse to compile one.<br/><br/> [ed: Does not reflect the opinions of the Pie staff] For example, one look at the Mayan calendar will tell you that 2008 is officially a little past the halfway mark. Here’s a (partial) listing of the greatest musical offerings January through June brought us (Don’t worry, to the chagrin of one certain Pie writer, and the joy of everyone else, it’s 100% Krug-free!) [ed: Again, does not reflect the opinions of the Pie staff] Santogold – Santogold On perhaps the debut album of the year, Philadelphia’s answer to .... 6:12 a.m. Thursday 17th July 2008 EST
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