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Best of 2009: Top 10 Party ...

Let's say you're at this party, right? Dude who's rocking the music has to jet to pick up another case and he takes his iPod with him. This is your moment, your chance to impress every fine lady at that get-together. You take your iPod over to the stereo pick the flyest jam you have and then watch in anticipation as everyone at the party reacts to your choice of….Tone Loc?!?! Don't worry folks.

If you ever get invited to another party, I've got you covered with the hottest party jams of '09! Throw some of these on, and I pretty much guarantee that it'll go over well. At the very least, they'll do better than "Funky Cold Medina." #10. ....

9:27 a.m. Saturday 5th December 2009 EST
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