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Best Songs of 2009: 70-56

"The Rake's Song" The Decemberists Colin Meloy not so much sings but bellows, with chilling bravado, his unsurprisingly clever libretto about infanticide. -Claire Tiller "Horchata" Vampire Weekend Those clever Ivy League boys are at it again with their pop tricks. This time they're spreading the knowledge with a certain flavor of Spanish drink and world music, but it doesn't make the outcome any less palatable.

Every nation has an irresistible melody worth catching in your head and Vampire Weekend wants you to know that. -Andy DeLoach "Demon Host" Timber Timbre "Demon Host" is a stripped-down track that blends folk and gospel into a dark, beautiful confession. Taylor Kirk's vocals are haunting and could easily pass as the ghost of Ricky ....

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1:50 p.m. Saturday 2nd January 2010 EST
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