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Best Songs of 2009: Ketch Harbour ...

I'd like to dedicate this post to the commenter the other day who pointed out that Glasvegas' "Geraldine" was put out in '08 . It was... probably, but it ended up on my computer in 2009, so, whatever.

And with that, I'll point out one of my other favourite songs of 2009 released in 2008, "Letters" by the Ketch Harbour Wolves. Seems like an appropriate tie-in with the contest for KHW tickets for this coming Friday, December 11th in Toronto . I've fluctuated on KHW's album Dead Calm Horizon .

Not on whether I like it or not ( it was 1c on my Best of 2008 list ), but on which song was/is my favourite. Over the course of ....
5:57 a.m. Thursday 10th December 2009 EST
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