Best Songs of the 2000s: Part 1

Now that the decade of the twenty-teens is five-plus percent complete, what better time than this holiday weekend to finally take a look back at some favorite songs of the '00s? [You can find the Best Albums of the '00s here ]. This is the first of four parts. "All Hands Against His Own" The Black Keys 2004 Don't talk about, don't think about love She's not the one you're dreaming of "All the Wine" The National 2005 I'm in a state, I'm in a state Nothing can touch us, my love "Animal" Miike Snow 2009 In your eyes I see the eyes of somebody I knew before, long long long ago "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" Jet 2003 ....

from 'Jonk Music'

4:40 p.m. Saturday 3rd July 2010 EST
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