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bestuvoate: Daft Punk + Revolte

bestuvoate: Daft Punk + Revolte

After Daft Punk were crowned entertainers of the year in 2007, the French duo took things easy in '08 and hung up the helmets for a well deserved rest. The hiatus allowed our attention to be diverted towards the rest of the world's talent. Talent like Revolte that fortunately still didn't forget the power of a solid Daft Punk remix.

Daft Punk - Voyager ( Revolte Remix) | download The French outfit Revolte have that same distict "French-touch" as fellow industry giants Justice, Alan Braxe, and yes... Daft Punk. The duo have also embraced the technology blessed world we live in, and produce music together while living miles away from one another.

In this remix that surfaced in February (one .... 11:26 p.m. Sunday 28th December 2008 EST
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