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bestuvoate: MGMT + Soulwax

You might be asking yourself... really? This guy really has the balls to post up another Soulwax remix of MGMT? This damn track has been on hypem's popular charts for months since it surfaced in September. So why even bother posting it? Cos it's an effin' awesome remix and this list is all about the best of the best.

So sit down and shut up you big bald f*ck! MGMT - Kids ( Soulwax Remix) | download No more needs to be said about MGMT (other than the rumor I heard earlier about collab-ing with The Chemical Brothers turned out to be bogus). But plenty could be said about Soulwax. You all saw their documentary Part of the Weekend Never ....

3:36 a.m. Saturday 27th December 2008 EST
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