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Beyonce - Naughty Girl (Oli Chang ...

Yesterday, rad man RCHRD OH?! over at bigstereo simply made my heart skip a few beats when he writ about a cinematically emotional song and video mix of a classic club bumper. I don't want to snake on his steez, so he gets all the cred, but I totally feel like more people need to be exposed to this, so away we go. Aussie Oli Chang first fell into our beastly laps last year when his former duo, Theatre Of Disco , threw together a killer mix with a Jay-Z sample.

Today, however, we're throwing Hova's wifey on a new light. Chang takes the dance floor destroyer, Naughty Girl , and transforms it into a total Kleenex clutcher. He's ....

7:57 a.m. Friday 11th December 2009 EST
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