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¡Bienvenidos a SXSW!

¡Bienvenidos a SXSW!

Hola! My name is Andrew Casillas, and I’ll be Club Fonograma’s official guide to this year’s South by Southwest Music Festival in lovely Austin, Texas. Above is a picture of me with the Tamale Kingpin himself, Chingo Bling, at last year’s festival (in case you're confused, I'm the one not wearing a cowboy hat). In addition to being an avid stalker of crappy Latin rappers, I’m a resident of Austin and a former writer for Stylus Magazine (R.I.P.).

For those who aren’t aware, SXSW is one of America’s largest and most prestigious music festivals. Every spring, over 1,500 bands converge on downtown Austin for four nights of music, booze, and “PARKING LOT FULL” signs. Over the next week, I’ll be ....

1:27 p.m. Monday 16th March 2009 EST
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