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Big Bills Remixed

"Big Bills" really impressed me with it's layers and layers of joyous synths, and fun vocals from Caroline Polachek . With a track like that there are bound to be some good remixes. This is really my kind of remix EP.<br/><br/> Take a few artists with different style, al known to do great remixes, and just let them go at it. Awesome. Jokers of the Scene deliver one of their long, mesmerizing, and powerful remixes that are now expected from these boys.<br/><br/> Flosstradamus also take a shot at remixing their own track and they did a pretty nice job. I don't always agree with artists remixing themselves, but when they do it right I'm fine with it. Flosstradamus feat.<br/><br/> Caroline .... 2:48 p.m. Friday 13th March 2009 EST
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