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Bill Hicks, The Angry Shepherd

Bill Hicks, The Angry Shepherd

Photo courtesy of cashislindsey Another comedian once said "Sometimes you just need someone to come up and just grab you and shake the bullshit out of you" in regards to the late Bill Hicks . I'm not sure anyone has done it better. It's 15 years since Hicks died of pancreatic cancer and his material is still every bit as relevant today.

His rants about Iraq were spot-on, including the one about the CIA having a fool-proof plan to get rid of Saddam Hussein. They just couldn't figure out a way to fly him to Dallas. Hicks insisted on getting in your face and staying there, fancying himself as some sort of dark preacher.

I'd love to hear Hicks' thoughts .... 10:45 p.m. Thursday 26th February 2009 EST
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