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Billy Crudup's Digital Blue Wang

Billy Crudup's Digital Blue Wang

Hello again. I went to university in Northampton, pretty much by accident. (I think I thought it was near Southampton, and therefore closer to Devon.

It’s not.) Alan Moore, legendary beardo comic guru, lives in Northampton. (So does Jo Whiley; I used to see her in a surf shop by friend worked in. A surf shop, in Northampton.

The most landlocked town in England pretty much.) I doubt there’s much significance in this. I didn’t read Watchmen until well after I’d finished university and fled back to Devon in a hurry, though. Which is kind of irritating, because my degree was Popular Culture with Philosophy, and while we did a module on popular erotic literature, which included a guest lecture ....

5:39 a.m. Monday 9th March 2009 EST
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