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Billy's Best Worst Wonderful Song Ever

Billy's Best Worst Wonderful Song Ever

Dancin' - Olivia Newton-John with The Tubes (mp3) All of us have what gets called a "guilty pleasure," but sometimes our affection for a specific item transcends such a simplistic description. Sometimes we know how inexcusable it is to love something as much as we do, but holding onto that love is what helps remind us what love is about. This is to say, True Love is often indefensible and unreasonable.

I have just such a love for the song "Dancin'" from the Gawd-awful movie Xanadu . My iTunes counter claims I've listened to "Dancin'" some three dozen times. I'd say I listen to it two or three times every month and have for years.

Sure, there might have been .... 3:12 p.m. Sunday 4th January 2009 EST
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