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Birds / Byrds / Thunderbyrd

Three singles today: I was surprised and delighted, when I put on Neil Young's "Birds" to find a totally different arrangement from the the spare piano version on After The Goldrush . This abbreviated take features guitar, bass, and drums - and is probably an early one - with only one verse and one chorus. Download: "Birds" mp3 by Neil Young, 1970.<br/><br/> alternate take - non LP B-Side The b-side to The Byrds' "Turn! Turn! Turn!" single is an early Gene Clark masterpiece, that turned up on their box set in a different version. Clark recorded it again later on his Roadmaster LP in 1972. You can hear echoes of the Beatles' "Ticket to Ride" which was the #1 record ....<br/><br/> 4:09 a.m. Wednesday 28th January 2009 EST
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