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Black Hat Brigade - Fathers EP ...

Black Hat Brigade - Fathers EP Review

Alright, I’m going to try and make it through this post without any Austin Powers ‘faja‘ jokes… There are probably about four of you who will remember when I mentioned the first Black Hat Brigade EP and said flat out that it was better than anything Wolf Parade has ever done (note: this claim will only [...] Related posts: Black Hat Brigade Interview (e-mail exchange) So, I’m fairly sure I mentioned that I’d be... DD/MM/YYYY - Black Square Album Review Coming in at 12 tracks over 35 minutes and 22... Black Kids - Partie Traumatic Review The Black Kids released their highly anticipated album Partie Traumatic...

The Broken Hearts - Black Cat/Blanco Review Hailing from England, The Broken Hearts invoke .... 6:47 a.m. Friday 22nd May 2009 EST
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