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It is late and I have deleted a large post about THE YEAR AND WHAT IT IS MEANS. Because it was stupid. Instead, here is "Shelley Duvall's Rock 'n' Rhymeland" in its entirety, courtesy Youtube.

I thought that "Gordon Never Really Learned to Play" in the dungeon was actually "Sister Christian," but only the first two notes of the chorus sound like that. The rest is new jack swing! I must have the tickler scene that follows memorized to the frame in some deep dank crevice of my brain. Still frightens me.

Also, Little Richard: hoot. Also, Brian Setzer as lead in an alley cat house band YEARS before neoswing! Edith effing Bunker! Gary Shandling and Terri Garr as Jack ....
6:59 p.m. Saturday 27th December 2008 EST
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