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BLAST THIS: Super Chiptune Genre Busters

[Note: This is the very first article from our new contributor Andy from Dainty Records- we're glad to have him here at A Future in Noise! ] Chiptune. 8-bit. Nintendocore even… You’ve heard of it - it’s that music that sounds lik e it’s been made on a GameBoy or, in some cases, actually has been made on a GameBoy.

It’s dance music that riffs on old school computer games. It’s lo-fi diy electronica made by blipster-kids with laptops. Well, it’s possibly all of these things and more … It’s also been around a while and a considerable ‘ 8-bit’ culture has built up around it ( 8-Bit Peoples ).

It’s already blipping into the mainstream with bands like Crystal ....
11:30 a.m. Thursday 18th June 2009 EST
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